nutritionally complete vegan diet. meal-prepable for few days, able to eat in school, so i’m done with eating before 3 pm

fun fact: at the beginning of covid, i completely lost regular eating habits, and started being underweight. in 01/2022, i was 48 kg/175 cm (15.7 BMI). in 01/2023, i started eating better, and got from 53 kg to 62 kg in 5 months. i also hit the gym so i finally started to look less thin :)


  1. supper veggie and nutty pudding from bryan johnson’s blueprint.
    1. i don’t blend supper veggie because i find it disguisting. i just mash it like potatoes
    2. nutty pudding with half banana sliced on top, eat the rest. also 30 g of 85% chocolate bar, cacao & coconut sprinkled on top
    3. frozen berries
    4. sourcing mostly from https://targroch.pl/
  1. 3x huel powder v3.0
  • 95% of sweets i eat are either self-made or fruits/dark chocolate
huel is ultra-fortified in micro & macroingredients, vitamins, and it has 400 calories. it’s a great for someone who tries gain weight, but keeps forgetting about eating enough or wants to get some calories in office or school
10 µg
blood-detected deficiency (vegan)
100 µg
prescribed by endocrynologist (hypothyrodoism)
2000 IU
prescribed by endocrynologist (hypothyrodoism), deficiency risk (geographical location)
5 g
recommended for vegans & athletes for strength


Cronometer is far better than apps like myfitnesspal or fitatu in terms of detailed ingrediets of food or information such as daily recommended value or upper limits
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