Day A — Legs • Triceps • Chest

1. Leg Extension • 3 sets

notion image
IMO most satisfying leg exercise.

2. Seated Leg Press • 3 sets

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This exercise is kinda uncomfortable mentally, because you have to push a lot of weight, and you have to be careful to not break your legs, but I generally feel really good after it.

3. Seated Leg Curl • 3 sets

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This machine needs a little bit time to be adjusted in a way that you can train comfortably & don’t feel pain from pressing your legs. I recommend writing down your settings, so you won’t need to spend time on finding configuration every time.

4. Chest Press • 3 sets

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This machine is a lot of better mentally for me than bench press, since I can train to failure. I sticked with it after I dropped barbell on my face (my technique was terrible ^^).

5. Triceps Rope Pushdown • 3 sets

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Triceps was always my favorite, starting from diamond push-ups, when I was still training at home. At some point, I could do twice as much diamond PU than normal ones 😄
Previously I was doing dips, but shortly after, even slow & deep variation was not enough me. I didn’t really like the idea of using weight, so I moved to this exercise. I love it and I feel much muscle tension with it ❤️

Day B — Back • Shoulder • Biceps

1. Lat Pulldown • 3 sets

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Very easy and satisfying exercise. I can feel my back — compared to the machines where after few tries I couldn’t really hit laps.

2. Shoulder Dumbbell Raise • 3 sets

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Previously I was doing this exercise with cables, but no matter how hard I tried, I felt that my form is not good, and I felt that my shoulders are not used, but center of arm. This exercise satisfied me after a first try.

3. Biceps Barbell Curls • 3 sets

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I like this exercise way more than dumbbells curls, because forearm is less used, which makes you utilize your biceps more, without the hard beginning lift. Also, the weight is balanced, so you don’t have to worry about your secondary hand being weaker.


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