Heavy Rain

First Finished
Jan 17, 2024
btw i got this game for free on ps5
from the beginning, the game starts to introduce you to a nice story. you immediately feel a sort of connection with the main character and his family. all the characters were well-thought, and i felt a strong connection to them. each had their own unique personalities and were smart in their own ways. the game was relatively fast-paced, with the story progressing quickly enough to keep me engaged and not bored.
i have never played a game in which controls were so immersive and engaging as in heavy rain. the quick time events (qte) definitely made me a lot more emotionally involved, especially when i was actively participating in the actions. unfortunately, failing some quick time events led to a bad ending in my gameplay, but i suppose that's a pro of the game, as it adds to its realism and emotional depth.
i loved that the game had polish dubbing, which wasn't perfect, but surely enhanced the story. the music was also moving and well-fitted to the scenes, adding another layer to the immersive experience.
despite the ending i got, i'd love to replay the game to see the different outcomes, and maybe i could achieve a better ending. i loved the game, and i would recommend it to everyone. i cannot get to like every game, but heavy rain will always stay with me. i think the rich story will appeal to everyone because playing this game is 10 times better than watching a movie!