My Favorite Vegans


Bryan Johnson

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The longevity guy, a big inspiration for me in terms of personal health.
Millionaire — Braintree, Kernel.
Follow him if you want to:
  • live longer, healthier life
  • learn how to take care of your health using science, no broscience, bullshit and storytelling
  • learn about work-life balance from ex. tech enterprenuer
  • see how to your life into protocols
  • see a case study of a really fast social media growth
  • see how one can thrive on a vegan diet

Maciek Wieczorek

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Polish podcaster who talks about business, self-improvement, altruism, and having a good life.
I used to watch him a lot of 2019, when I was 14 years old. He turned me into a very social person who’s not afraid of public speaking. He gave me that “motivational coach”, business mindset, which may be obvious for some, but for young me, it was completely new.
He also greatly impacted how I look at altruism, and influenced my life goals.

Orestes Kowalski — Everyday Hero

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YouTuber who talks about ethical life, veganism, effective altruism, effective communication, and debunks manipulative and wrong content. He does that in really kind way, tries to stay objective, and follow science.
Most importantly, he was the person who mostly contributed for me to go vegan! He also influenced my charity desires.


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Funny polish politics commentary. Provides a lot of valuable information for people who don’t watch TV.
Plant-based since 11 years. Also a strong guy!

Conscious Muscle

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“My gains do not have to be an animals loss”
Vegan bodybuilder. Inspires me to get big too!

Wim Hof