Frontend Engineer


  • Front-end: JavaScript, TypeScript, React (with Hooks & Server Side Components), Next.js. Built several SPAs & static websites from scratch.
  • Back-end: building Express servers, working with REST & GraphQL APIs, querying & operating on SQL databases, configuring and managing Headless CMSs such as Strapi, using low-code backends such as Supabase.
  • Services: have production experience in implementing Auth0, Stripe, Sentry, Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity and utilizing its features.
  • DevOps: configured and maintained web servers both through VPS, SSH, nginx, Docker and serverless AWS & Cloudflare Stack, including FaaS.
  • Leadership: Experienced in leading small teams, managing projects, taking ownership on work, and mentoring other developers.
  • Attentive to UI/UX details. Have experience in designing web & mobile interfaces in Figma, as well as social media posts. Able to cooperate with Product Designers or work without them.


Estetify @ AppUnite • Front-end Engineer (Aug 2022 — now)

Web Development • Conversion Optimization • Product Growth • Direct Client Contact
Highly-interactive web app for both internal beauty salons management and external appointment booking.

TypeScript React Vite Next.js Jest Cypress React Hook Forms Apollo Client (with GraphQL) TailwindCSS HeadlessUI RadixUI I18Next Websockets

  • Development: developed and maintained product by direct communication with client.
  • Marketing: designed and created engaging landing page content that positively influenced conversion and bounce rate markers.
  • Teamwork And Ownership: worked in a 6-people team and afterwards, as a solo developer, directly communicating with external client, taking ownership from code to production of individual features.
  • Tests: been mentored and wrote several unit & E2E test suites using Cypress and Jest, which reduced time spent on manual QA.
  • Services: Implemented and worked with services that addressed business needs, incl. Stripe, Sentry, Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity and Auth0.
  • Infrastructure: configured and worked with AWS services, including S3 and Amplify, which contributed to better DX.

Freelancing & Hobby Projects • Full-Stack Engineer (Aug 2021 — now)

Multiple Products — UI & UX • Development • DevOps • Product Launch • Direct Client Contact
  • Przystanek MZK: Co-founded a cross-platform, open-source bus tracking mobile app with Ionic Framework, and built extremely-scalable serverless, FaaS-based back-end API using Cloudflare Stack. +50 daily active users
  • IoT Eco-Energy Monitor: Co-built open-source project with Material Design UI, Next.js, PWA, InfluxDB, Grafana, Tasmota, MQTT, ESP8266 (+ other components). Wrote a thorough technical documentation. Laureate in Polish National Olympics of Innovation and Invention.
  • School Website Starters: Founded organization that provides public schools with open-source modern, accessibility-focused school websites. Next.js, Vercel, Sentry, React Server Components, Strapi, Storybook, GraphQL, Meilisearch.
  • Frekwencja: Worked on open-source Language Learning product utilizing Python datasets and multiple APIs, including Google’s.
  • Nowy Kisielin Medicenter: MVP rapidly bootstrapped with Postgres, Supabase, and Next.js.
  • Shopify E-commerce: prepared Ebay migration scripts and set-up shop adjusted to client needs.
  • OSS: led, maintained and contributed to several open-source projects.
  • Mentored several young developers that were CS students.
  • Took high places in national algorithms programming and technical innovations contests for students.

Human Skills

Student Council Leader (Sep 2021 — now)

Internal Knowledge Management • Social Media • Leading Events • Iterative Growth


  • Polish (Native)
  • English (C1)