Summary 2022

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this is the first time i write a summary of a year!! how exciting. i have soo much to share with you! formerly, this page was 5 times longer, but i though it’s better to split every mind-idea into a separate article, so i can write more about it in the future.
nevertheless, many of last 365 days sucked a dick were sad, anxious, and didn’t really give me enough life satisfaction ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ but!!! in middle of the year, fortunatelly everything started to visibly go into a right direction 🎉 🎉 🎉
anyway, thank you for visiting this small part of internet, in whatever time you read it on!! ❤️

i finally moved out from my toxic mother and i’m not keeping contact with her

i live with my grandma, near my dad, and that was best decision of this year! my mom is still trying her best to bother me, but i’m still standing after all this time! :D
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i got an laurate in national tech olympics

with ✨ “IoT-based smart energy consumption monitor” ✨. it made my life at school a lot easier
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  • 1500 zł (~€320) scholarship
  • free entry pass to an university, tutor & scholarship for first year
  • cool trip to Warsaw
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i feel better with how i look

  • i started to explore and do makeup such as foundation & blush, also finally quite got my style with the mascara
  • i started to wear more clothes & jewerly that i like, and less that i don’t. discovered aliexpress.
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and this one is for halloween
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and so far i got this:
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i got my first job as a frontend dev

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and the company is absolutely lovely. i see this as a big win as a 17 years old
  • earned 17000 zł (~€3620) in 5 months
  • ending this year with 3400 zł (~€725) half-time salary
  • i went on awesome parties & want to go to Japan next year for workation
  • i love my work so i feel that my life is a lot more exciting because of it!

i publicly presented 2 times

  1. internal meetup at my work: presented a case study of TailwindLabs and Vercel as an highly-functioning open-source products
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  1. programming academy at uni: presented technologies used in a project of my team
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worked on few projects

  1. modern school website template
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  1. local bus app & api
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  1. universal school app
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  1. language learning projects utilizing spaced repetition & 5050 most common words lists
  1. multiple projects for obsidian app
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15 months being vegan

eating grass since 09.09.2021

started going out more & making new friends

  • i feel incredibly more confident & good with myself in social situations
  • i started to go out with friends & meet new ones (still not easiest thing!)
  • stopped being dependant on friendships that were ruining me
  • coped & worked through last bad romantic relationship
  • 95% less lonely compared to last year,,

it was a good year. i'm glad that my life got back on track. and i'm happy. again. and i have cool people around. just you wait for 2023!